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We are gender and sexuality affirming, as well as kink and poly friendly, and you may well wonder what that means.

To us, that means:

we won't

  • assume your gender, sexuality, kink, or relationship style, nor will we assume the issue you are seeking help with is related to or caused by said gender, sexuality, kink, or relationship style

  • try to "cure" you of any gender identity, sexuality, kink, or poly identity


 we will

  • be aware that any distress you have about your gender, sexuality, kink, or poly identity may be a normal part of internalized cultural/societal bias rather than evidence of a disorder 

  • be sensitive to whether and how your gender, sexuality, kink or poly identities affects your relationships

  • remain aware of our own issues and how they may enter therapy

  • consult with colleagues who are knowledgeable and/or suggest referral options if you bring in issues that are outside of our knowledge base or boundaries of competence

Amy head shot.jpg
AMY MARCO (she/her)
Registered Psychologist
Areas of Practice: I am especially passionate in my work about gender and sexuality, internalized weight stigma and fatphobia, trauma and attachment, dissociative disorders including dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder), religious trauma, interpersonal violence, abuse, and mental health concerns of all kinds. 


My identities and locations include white settler, middle class, cisgender, queer and lesbian, parent, and woman. I pass as able-bodied however I experience chronic pain. I am larger bodied but do benefit from many of the privileges afforded to thinner bodies. 


I started work in the healthcare field since 2006 when I began my career in nursing.  I work from a feminist philosophical foundation and view suffering as often resulting from systemic and structurally based discrimination and oppression. My training includes EMDR, Internal Family Systems, DBT, affirming counselling practice, cognitive behavioural therapy, body focused therapies, and attachment focused therapies. I also draw on additional approaches to offer a flexible and creative therapeutic experience. I offer compassion and collaboration to clients, to meet your goals and achieve healing. My belief is that we find healing in connection with others and in connection with different parts of ourselves. 

In addition to counselling services I offer presentations and workshops on topics related to my areas of practice, as well as clinical supervision and consultation services. 

I currently offer daytime appointments Monday-Friday. Please contact me for more information on availability and services.

Serena head shot.jpg
Registered Clinical Social Worker

Areas of Practice: I am especially passionate in my work with folks on journeys of gender and sexuality, loss and grief, trauma, unpacking religious trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship challenges, and life transitions. 

I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker. I have been working in community based and post-secondary counselling settings since 2006.​ My location and identities frequently afford me visible and hidden privilege as a white settler, cis, queer, currently able-bodied, conditionally middle class, woman, and parenting human. 

I would describe my practice as person-centred, relational in focus, trauma and structurally informed, and kink and poly friendly. In our work together I aim to nurture authentic and compassionate space, where we can bring honesty, transparency, creativity, and even humour to the counselling process. When relevant or requested we can also draw various therapeutic processes, including EMDR, affirming therapies, mindfulness and self compassion, creative therapies, Internal Family Systems, body focused therapies, DBT, CBT, and other therapeutic modalities.


I am passionate about continued learning and growth - as a human in relationship, and as a professional. On the human in relationship front, my family - both biological and chosen - invites and supports learning everyday. In terms of professional growth,  I am currently undertaking doctoral studies exploring how power moves through the institutional norms practices trans and gender diverse clients face in the mental health system. I also hold an assistant professor (teaching) appointment in social work.

Please note I am not accepting new referrals at this time.

KATIE DeLucia-Burk (she/her)
BSW Practicum Student

Katie DeLucia-Burk (she/her) an undergraduate in her final year of the Bachelor of Social Work program at the University of Calgary, completing her practicum at Connected Counselling. She also works at the University of Lethbridge as a Gender Inclusion Consultant in the Office of Human. Katie’s work focuses on education and policy change to foster belonging and promote greater accessibility for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals.

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