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We offer individual counselling both in person or virtually for the following:

  • Sexuality and gender

  • Kink and Polyamory

  • Trauma & abuse (recent & historical)

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Relationship/interpersonal violence

  • Mental health concerns (mood, personality, coping)

  • Religious trauma

  • Loss & grief

  • Attachment concerns

  • Fatphobia and Internalized Weight Stigma

We are able to provide letters of support, education, and formal diagnosis for trans folks who would benefit from one for their physician or others. These can be written with a brief meeting for a client to outline what they need. We do not require "proof" of gender identity nor do we require you to attend counselling in order to receive this support. We recognize the deeply problematic reality of the medical and mental health systems gatekeeping care.

*Please note: a letter is not required in Canada for a physician to provide gender affirming care and referral.

Group counselling is available upon request in the following areas:

  • Loss and grief

  • Dialectical behavioural therapy

  • Addressing fatphobia

  • Connecting with self and others (process group)

  • Religious trauma


We provide clinical supervision to new and developing mental health practitioners as part of our commitment to the profession and our dedication to providing accessible service in our communities. 

Professional consultation is available to clinicians, physicians, and other professionals.

Provisional Psychologists seeking supervision may contact Amy.

Please Note: All graduate level practicum placement spots are currently full for September 2024.


Available in-person and virtually on topics including gender and sexuality, trauma, distress tolerance, self care, loss and grief, as well as other topics as requested. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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We offer various personal, professional, and therapeutic growth retreats and weekend intensives. Please contact us to discuss how we can customize an experience for your group.

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