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We recognize that we offer services in collaboration with others. Here are some you may find valuable:

For and By the Queer Community
Activism & Allyship

Skipping Stone & Egale: support legal challenges to anti-trans legislation and provincial policy

Egale: How to Be an Ally
Trans Action Alberta: Support trans rights

Crisis Resources
Virtual Medical Care

Rocket Doctor Alberta
Telus Health MyCare




Sex & Relationships

Sluts & Scholars


Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

Shameless Sex

Turn Me On

Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel

The Kink Academy

The Kink Perspective

Dear Jessamyn

Ladies We Need to Talk


The Fat Doctor Podcast

The Rebel Eaters Club

Maintenance Phase

Trauma & Healing

CPTSD Medicine

Trauma Rewired

Trauma Chat

Self Care for Survivors of Trauma

Other Great Stuff!

Parenting is Political

The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) Podcast
2 Crees in a Pod

Web Resources

BDSM Safer Kinky Sex Guide 


The Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance

The Super Powered Yes/No/Maybe List: Negotiation List for Sex

Primed3: A Sex Guide for Queer Trans Men, Transmasculine, and Nonbinary People

Fucking Trans Women Zine

The Ritual Chamber Kink Training Institute


Ethical Non Monogamy


Queer Attachment: An Anti-Oppression Tool Kit for Relational Healing


Dr. Arielle Schwartz Youtube Channel Trauma Informed Yoga


Dismantling the Master's Tools: A Somatic Approach to Interrogating White Supremacy in Social R & D and Beyond

Internal Family Systems Video

EMDR Video: What is EMDR


Trauma & Attachment

Attached (Amir Levine)

The Body Keeps the Score (Bessel Vanderkolk)

DBT Workbook (Matthew McKay)

Complex PTSD: Surviving to Thriving (Pete Walker)

The Emotionally Abusive Relationship (Beverly Engel)

No Bad Parts (Richard Schwartz)


Polysecure (Jessica Fern)

Hold Me Tight (Sue Johnson)

The Ethical Slut (Hardy and Easton)


Body & Fatphobia

The Body is Not an Apology (Taylor and Oulo)

You Have the Right to Remain Fat (Virgie Tovar)

Hunger (Roxanne Gay)

Queer Body Power (Essie Dennis)

Gender & Sexuality

The Gender Identity Journal (Katie Leikam)

The Trans Allyship Workbook (Davey Shlasko)

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (Laura Erikson-Shroth)

Queer Sex Guide (Juno Roche)

Come As You Are (Emily Nagoski)

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability (Silverberg)

Sexual Intimacy for Women: Guide for Same Sex Couples (Glenda Corwin)


Playing Well with Others (Lee Harrington)

The New Topping Book (Easton and Hardy)

The New Bottoming Book (Easton and Hardy)

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