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EMDR & Trauma Specific

-Basic Training Certification

-Advanced Training Workshops (Attachment, Early Childhood Separation and Loss, Childhood Trauma, Panic and Anxiety, Doing EMDR Online)

-Working with Trauma (Childhood Abuse, Self Harm, Complex Trauma and Shame, Domestic and Sexual Violence, Dissociation)

-Assessment and Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

-Flash Technique

Internal Family Systems Therapy

-Basic Training (4 day intensive IFSCA)

-IFS Immersion: Integrating IFS Across Clinical Applications

-Advanced Training Workshops (Childhood Neglect, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic IFS)

Gender and Sexuality

-How SoC8 Impacts Your Gender Affirmative Practice

Cis Fragility and Gender Expansive Care

-Transmasculine Experience in the OR

-Cissexism and Use of Self in Trans Affirming Care

-Collaborative Model for Transgender Health

-Beyond Gatekeeping: Using the WPATH Standards to Support Trans and Non-Binary Individuals

-What I Wish my Cis Therapist Knew

-Gender Minority Stress and Resilience in Transgender and Non-Binary Clients

-Introduction to Sex Therapy: The Intersections of Erotic Landscapes, Social Justice Lenses, and Sex Education in Therapeutic Relationships

-Member of the Trans Affirming Network

Other Training

-DBT (Basic and Advanced Training)

-Body-Centred Therapy (Hakomi, 

  Mindfulness, Ego-States)

-Risk Assessment Training

-Anti-Racism Training

-Ethics and Documentation Refreshers

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